About Monja Boonzaier

Welcome to my world of somatic movement, where healing takes centre stage in a journey that began with a passion for dance.


My journey is deeply rooted in my love for dance and movement. Dance is not just a hobby for me; it’s my love, my way of expressing myself, and my connection to the world. However, life threw a curveball when I faced a knee injury during my dance studies. This unexpected challenge threatened my dance career and sent me on a quest for healing in new ways.

That’s when I discovered Pilates. It was like a ray of hope that guided me on a path to recovery. The transformation I experienced was so remarkable that it ignited a new passion within me – a passion for helping others through movement. I decided to become a Pilates practitioner so I could share this incredible gift of healing with others.

But my journey didn’t stop there. I was driven by a thirst for knowledge and an unwavering desire to make a positive impact on people’s lives. This quest led me on a global adventure of learning and exploration, where I uncovered the incredible Feldenkrais® and Child’Space methods.

Today, I specialize in somatic movement education, with a deep focus on these two remarkable methods. My mission is simple yet profound: I want to empower people of all ages to enhance their physical and mental well-being. I believe in a different approach, one that’s not about “fixing” people, but about guiding them on a journey of self-discovery.

For instance, if someone comes to me with chronic pain, I don’t just aim to make the pain disappear. Instead, I work with them to understand why they’re experiencing that pain and how their nervous system is involved. I firmly believe that true progress occurs when you can move without pain, and that’s what I teach – the art of moving with mindfulness and without discomfort.

In a world that often preaches the mantra “no pain, no gain,” I stand by the belief that progress can be achieved with ease and comfort. My role is to help individuals release tension, gain a deeper awareness of their bodies, and learn how to regulate themselves. It’s a journey towards a calmer nervous system and a harmonious connection between the mind and body.

In addition to my work in somatic movement, I am also deeply involved in a non-profit initiative called Hamba Bamba Funda (HBF). This project focuses on Early Childhood Education between 0-2 years in under resourced communities, where we empower caregivers and support young children in their development. It’s another way I aim to make a positive impact on the world by nurturing the well-being of the next generation.

So, welcome to my world of somatic movement, where healing is a gentle and transformative journey. I’m here to be your guide, your facilitator, and your partner on this path of self-discovery and well-being. Let’s embark on this beautiful journey together.

Professional Skills

My work is dedicated to enhancing the well-being of both adults and children, with a special focus on the nervous system. Here’s what I bring to the table:

Nervous System Expertise: I specialize in assisting adults and children in reducing chronic pain and stress through a unique approach known as Somatic movement. This method involves reprogramming the brain to promote well-being.

Private Practice: I have been operating from my private practice, BeautifulMind Studio, since 2007. Located in Blairgowrie, Randburg, it’s a space dedicated to the art of movement and healing.

My journey in movement began with dance. I have a background that includes:

Matriculation at the National School of the Arts in Johannesburg.

A Performance Certificate in Dance from the Cape Town University School of Dance.

A Bachelor Honors in Contemporary Dance from the London Contemporary Dance School at the University of Kent, Canterbury, UK.

Pilates Qualification: I hold a comprehensive Pilates qualification certified by Pilates Foundation UK, Ltd.

Sports Massage Expertise: I am also a certified Sports Massage practitioner with qualifications from Healing Hands International and Mel Cash from the London School of Sports Massage.

Continuous Learning: To ensure I provide the latest and most effective therapies, I regularly engage in ongoing training to stay updated with the latest research in Movement and Trauma Therapy.

Feldenkrais and Child’Space: I graduated as a Feldenkrais practitioner with Educational Director Elizabeth Beringer in Switzerland in 2016 and as a Chava Shelhav Child’Space practitioner in Amsterdam in 2019.

These diverse skills and experiences enable me to offer a holistic and well-informed approach to my work in somatic movement and well-being. Whether you’re someone looking to alleviate chronic pain and reduce stress or simply seeking a path to enhanced physical and mental well-being, I’m here to guide you on your journey.

Monja has been shortlisted to receive a humanitarian award: Best Child Education Advocate of 2023! 

Exciting News! Join me on the Business Unplugged Show hosted by Blessing Nyenyai, as I share my journey into somatic movement.

Join me on the Business Unplugged Show hosted by Blessing Nyenyai, as I share my journey into somatic movement.

Discover how I got started, my mission to help others and how I take on challenges. Tune in on the link below for a dose of inspiration and insights!